About Scappa

Luxury handmade Italian bicycles… We welcome you to Scappa Bicycles.

Scappa was founded in 2010 by the current CEO Gernot Mueller, who brings over 27 years of experience in the cycle business. The name ‘Scappa’ comes from the Italian verb “Scappare”, meaning “to escape”, and the head of the stallion, which lies at the heart of the company’s emblem, portrays the values of freedom, strength, youth and vitality.

Based on Gernot’s professional background and extensive knowledge of the sector, it was always a challenge for him to both improve and optimise existing bicycles. For a long time, it had appeared obvious that there was a huge gap in the market for a prestigious, made-to-measure, super light, carbon fibre bike.

His vision was therefore to develop the ultimate, luxury, bespoke frame.  He sought to create a state-of-the-art bicycle that was elegant yet at the same time sporty, and one that responded to the exact requirements and measurements of each individual client. Gernot’s aim was to indeed design a bike that took cycling to a new level and allow the rider to experience a whole new world of emotions.

Living in Italy, Gernot was surrounded by all of the right contacts to build the frames and create a cycle using light weight and robust technology. Today, every frame is handmade using the highest-grade carbon fibre tubes in a dedicated facility near to the city of Verona, and proudly sports the “Made in Italy” logo. Each frame has also been named after breeds of Italian horses, spanning from the elite road bike called the “Purosangue” (“Thoroughbred”) to the “Giara” for the sporty and Gran Fondo rider. The time trial variant is known as the “Stronzetta” (an unconventional female), whilst the mountain bike is branded “Lametta” (which translates as “Razor Blade”).